Our History

Knidia has welcomed many guests since its birth. It started with friends, who told their friends and so word-of-mouth spread until we found people who had just heard of us coming to visit us. All of our visitors kindly shared our work and our table with us, while sleeping in whatever corners could be made comfortable at night.
From these early visitors to the farm an ecotourism idea came about, both due to all the attention and encouragement we received and from necessity; to sustain the existence of the farm. It worked, and it is still working today…



As for our kitchen...

For the last two years we have been able to supply almost all our vegetable needs from our own garden. Preparing the meals usually turns in to a joyful fest together with our guests. Most of the meals are cooked on a wood fire, and we produce our own bread. The best part comes as dinner is served with our home made wine to accompany our meal and cosy evening chats.


Accommodation at Knidia consists of four wooden huts, each accommodating two people, and four stone houses that can accommodate up to 2-3 people, depending on the size of the house. The huts have been designed in an open style in order to maintain interaction with nature while being protected from the elements. All of the huts have been built alongside a beautiful valley; some on the running water and some on the slopes.

Pricing &reservations

For prices and reservation just click on the booking-button and fill out the contact formular. Of course you can also just send us an E-mail:(