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Our Acommodations:


This beautiful stone house is located in a valley, embedded in the rock of the sheer cliffs straddling each side, which breaks the direct sunlight and gives the house an enjoyable, sheltered climate.

  • Shower and toilet are attached to the building in an outhouse.
  • Air conditioner, kettle and a mini fridge are available.


Tepe Degirmen

The most remote room at KNIDIA.Those prepared to hike will relish a wonderful valley view and the most privacy.

  • The toilet and showers are located at the side of the building in an authentic wooden outhouse.
  • Air conditioner, kettle and mini fridge are available.

Havuz Basi (Twin House)

Two identical rooms in one stone building.

  • Located near the swimming pool and close to the communal area and kitchen.
  • Toilets and showers are located in the rooms.
  • Both rooms have air conditioning, a kettle and a mini fridge.


We have four of these semi-open accommodation options. Elevated above the ground on stilts, the rooftop protects from sun and rain and both are equipped with mosquito nets.

  • Shared shower and toilet facilities are located in a nearby outhouse.

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