The Place

Knidia has welcomed many guests since its birth. It started with friends, who told their friends and so word-of-mouth spread until we found people who had just heard of us coming to visit us. All of our visitors kindly shared our work and our table with us, while sleeping in whatever corners could be made comfortable at night.

From these early visitors to the farm an ecotourism idea came about, both due to all the attention and encouragement we received and from necessity; to sustain the existence of the farm. It worked, and it is still working today…

Arrival Information

There are two international airports: Dalaman and Bodrum/Milas. The second requires a ferryboat crossing from Bodrum to northern coast of the  Datça peninsula (Körmen/Karaköy) which runs twice daily  09:00  &  17:00 in season. Dalaman airport is served by various scheduled and charter airlines.  THY arrivals  have  a  paying bus service  to  Marmaris (~  90  minutes). There are regular bus/minibus services from Marmaris to Datça town.

Your point of destination is Yazıköy, on the Datça Peninsula.
There are minibuses from Datça centre to Yazıköy. To get to Datça you can use intercity buses directly to Datça.
If these are not available where you are, you may take a bus to Marmaris, and then a minibus to Datça. Alternatively you can use the ferry from Bodrum to Datça. When you have reached Yazıköy, a car from the farm will pick you up.

As you approach Marmaris you will see a sign directing towards Datça which will lead you up and down over the beautiful peninsula. About 5 km before arriving to Datça town centre (Iskele), just after Reşadiye, you will see a sign for Knidos (and a ferryboat) where you will turn right from the main road going to Datça town centre. Shortly after you arrive at a junction where you will need to turn left and away from the ferryboat road (which goes to  Körmen/Karaköy). About 20 km later you will have passed Mesudiye & Yakaköy villages and reached Yazıköy. Just before entering the village you will see a fork in the road. Take the turn to the right (if you have arrived at the centre of the village -Yazıköy- you have gone to far). About 3 km later you will arrive at the farm.

You have Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions section or text us.